Aug 21, 2013

Just to keep you updated:

For those unaware, Dan Bauer and I have recently put up a Facebook page for the Laying Lincoln Down graphic novel: We'll be posting news on its development here. Right now, the news is revolving around audio recordings that Scott Dixon, Joe Briseno, and Mike "The Mouse" Brown are producing to promote the project. Thanks a lot, fellas.

Also, exactly when is still being worked out but, some time in the next few months I'll be reading from the Laying Lincoln Down prose novel at The Writers Place in Kansas City. It's a great venue. Event info: coming soon.

And, there is a link on the home page at to The Kansas City Star article from February that highlights Laying Lincoln Down. That page has been taken off the web. An inquiry to obtain permission from The Star to republish the article has been submitted. I hope to have a link available again soon.