Feb 5, 2013


Wednesday, 2-6-13

Due to the due diligence (the term doesn't quite apply here, but it's popular and alliterate) of Chris Rice and Emily Roth, there's an interview I enjoyed doing and some pages from Laying Lincoln Down, the graphic novel, featured on www.hypertextmag.com. Great job on the layout and everything, you gals, and thanks for the opportunity to let folks know about LLD. http://www.hypertextmag.com/?p=2540#more-2540   

Thursday, 1-3-13

Happy New Year. For you in 2013: a spiffy-fied www.KurtKennedyWrites.com. In addition to my track record as a writer, editor, and teacher, it features: samples of Laying Lincoln Down (prose & graphic versions), a layout that your eyes should appreciate, a nifty 'Contact Me' form, and pictures of myself with President Lincoln. And, for the record, YES, he actually hunted vampires.  

Monday, 10-29-12:

With Chris "CT" Terry's help, I donated my wall-hanging foam core boards from the 2012 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition to be auctioned for the Columbia [College Chicago] Faculty/Staff Scholarship Initiative on November 1. The art is the work of Dan Bauer from our graphic novel, Laying Lincoln Down. The Initiative raises scholarship money for Columbia students. Check out what's being offered from the creative minds of the College's non-students and alumni. Maybe you'll find something that'll really bring the room together. http://theloop.colum.edu/s/644/staffnewsletter.aspx?sid=644&gid=26&pgid=3920&cid=14082&ecid=14082&crid=0&calpgid=2918&calcid=11301

Saturday, 10-27-12:

I attended the opening of the Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site in Butler, Missouri. This battle was the first of the Civil War--October 27, 1862--where black troops engaged in combat, several weeks prior to the "official" mustering of African-American soldiers into the Federal army. It was a great day of hist'ry geeks geekin' out on hist'ry. The best part was going off-road with Robyn Holden to find Hog Island, a campground for pro-Confederate guerillas throughout the war. Enjoy an afternoon and acknowledge the hard work of the State Parks Dept. folks and many others by visiting this new, beautiful, peaceful park.  http://mostateparks.com/event/59735/battle-island-mound-dedication