May 13, 2014

Finding Lincoln's Funeral Train

Hi, all

Check out my latest Lincoln blog about his funeral in Washington, and plagiarism.


Feb 13, 2014

Happy Belated, Mr. L

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

Happy belated 205th birthday. I didn't forget about you yesterday. I was just wrapped up in stuff that kept me from thinking about the interwebs. So, your public salutation from me is coming on the 13th instead of the 12th.

Thank you for still letting me use the occasion to announce to everyone that I'll be reading from my book about you, Laying Lincoln Down, at The Writers Place in Kansas City (3607 Pennsylvania) on Friday, March 21 at 7:00pm. And, that I'll be leading a Story Workshop there the next morning from 10 to noon. And, that folks can sign up at:

Thanks again for all you've done for America. 



P.S.: The South has really "chilled out" since you last dealt with them. 

Sep 26, 2013

To help you plan your March 2014 itinerary:

I received word this week that on Friday, March 21, when I read from Laying Lincoln Down at The Writers Place in Kansas City, I'll be accompanied by my good buddy, Chris L. Terry, reading from his debut novel Zero Fade (Curbside Splendor Press). I'm happy to get him to KC and that we'll be reading together, the same time. So, come prepared to utilize your dual listening skills. Nah, just kidding about that last part. 

Aug 21, 2013

Just to keep you updated:

For those unaware, Dan Bauer and I have recently put up a Facebook page for the Laying Lincoln Down graphic novel: We'll be posting news on its development here. Right now, the news is revolving around audio recordings that Scott Dixon, Joe Briseno, and Mike "The Mouse" Brown are producing to promote the project. Thanks a lot, fellas.

Also, exactly when is still being worked out but, some time in the next few months I'll be reading from the Laying Lincoln Down prose novel at The Writers Place in Kansas City. It's a great venue. Event info: coming soon.

And, there is a link on the home page at to The Kansas City Star article from February that highlights Laying Lincoln Down. That page has been taken off the web. An inquiry to obtain permission from The Star to republish the article has been submitted. I hope to have a link available again soon.     

Apr 24, 2013

Laying Lincoln Down at KC's First Friday

I'm happy to finally be sharing some Laying Lincoln Down with Kansas City. The folks who run the First Friday Story Slam series at Uptown Arts Bar have kindly added me to the bill for May 3rd. They'll do their slam thing starting at 8pm, I'll read around 9-ish. Come for the whole show, stay for the whole fun.

Uptown Arts Bar 
3611 Broadway Blvd.
Kansas City, MO

Feb 15, 2013

'Laying Lincoln Down' now officially part of Lincolniana.

A big THANKS to Darryl Levings of the KC Star for including Laying Lincoln Down in his article on Lincolniana: "Honestly, Abraham Lincoln is everywhere." Daniel Lee Bauer, Eric Lincoln Miller, the Wicker Park Press crew, & I are pretty pumped about this publicity.

Also, we weren't able to get this into the feature, but Laying Lincoln Down: 1861 can now be pre-ordered at:


The last Friday of Lent is actually Good Friday, but this first one is a pretty good Friday. 


Feb 12, 2013


I've got this about as confirmed as I think things can be in the world of journalism: The Kansas City Star is running a feature in this Friday's (Feb. 15, 2013) FYI section on 'Lincoln mania' and they're going to talk about the Laying Lincoln Down project and show some of Daniel Lee Bauer's great art from the graphic novel.

Feb 5, 2013


Wednesday, 2-6-13

Due to the due diligence (the term doesn't quite apply here, but it's popular and alliterate) of Chris Rice and Emily Roth, there's an interview I enjoyed doing and some pages from Laying Lincoln Down, the graphic novel, featured on Great job on the layout and everything, you gals, and thanks for the opportunity to let folks know about LLD.   

Thursday, 1-3-13

Happy New Year. For you in 2013: a spiffy-fied In addition to my track record as a writer, editor, and teacher, it features: samples of Laying Lincoln Down (prose & graphic versions), a layout that your eyes should appreciate, a nifty 'Contact Me' form, and pictures of myself with President Lincoln. And, for the record, YES, he actually hunted vampires.  

Monday, 10-29-12:

With Chris "CT" Terry's help, I donated my wall-hanging foam core boards from the 2012 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition to be auctioned for the Columbia [College Chicago] Faculty/Staff Scholarship Initiative on November 1. The art is the work of Dan Bauer from our graphic novel, Laying Lincoln Down. The Initiative raises scholarship money for Columbia students. Check out what's being offered from the creative minds of the College's non-students and alumni. Maybe you'll find something that'll really bring the room together.

Saturday, 10-27-12:

I attended the opening of the Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site in Butler, Missouri. This battle was the first of the Civil War--October 27, 1862--where black troops engaged in combat, several weeks prior to the "official" mustering of African-American soldiers into the Federal army. It was a great day of hist'ry geeks geekin' out on hist'ry. The best part was going off-road with Robyn Holden to find Hog Island, a campground for pro-Confederate guerillas throughout the war. Enjoy an afternoon and acknowledge the hard work of the State Parks Dept. folks and many others by visiting this new, beautiful, peaceful park.